Feint Zebra started around 3 years ago, when just generally photoshopping my frustrations about Roy Hodgson at Liverpool FC onto various movie posters, but as the months went on, my skills improved and decided to expand and focus on other teams / players and its just grew from there.

Eventually (the beginning of the 2012/2013 season) I decided to concentrate on GIFfing games, whether live or reruns, and putting up GIFs of goals on my website for people who are unfortunate not to be able to watch the games live. I had to put a stop to this soon after, due to pressure from the Premier League as I was encroaching on their copyright, hence no more live GIFs of games via myself on this website. You will find the odd ones from other leagues though.

Feint Zebra is still growing though, with proper articles, photo’s, GIFs, video’s, illustrations and photoshops and its only possible thanks to the RTs on Twitter, posts on various forums by you guys – and its very much appreciated, so thank you.

And for all those that don’t know, the name comes from RAWK, where my username is A Feint Zebra – an anagram of Rafa Benitez!

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