So we have a suitcase with a decomposed body of a woman being discovered in a canal in Maida Vale (thats dahn sarf for those of us who are crap at geography).

The Mirror report that ‘Murder detectives are investigating the gruesome discovery made yesterday at Grand Union Canal near Delamere Terrace, Maida Vale, London.’

Although a terrible tragedy and something I would never want to happen to me, I’ve been slightly amused by what all the papers are quoting from the police spokesperson:

The death is being treated as “suspicious”.

Yes, that’s right… A woman’s body stuffed into a suitcase and discarded into a canal is being treated as “suspicious”… What on earth else could it be treated as? Absolutely normal? A terrible accident? Suicide?

Sam McGuire on Twitter tried to reason that it could have been suicide by coming up with this crackpot theory:

Fair play to him for even thinking up something like that (or does he know something we don’t?), but I personally can’t believe that someone put themselves into a suitcase and, as suggested in Sam’s next tweet, rocked it back and forth until it hit the canal to commit suicide but I can believe it is suspicious!

Pedro and his girlfriend are both worried: “We were a bit concerned because Soraya works in a hospital and has to walk home – she sometimes doesn’t leave until 5am.”

What this has to do with a decomposing body at the bottom of a canal in a suitcase has me baffled, but thats newspapers for you!

Saying that – I will spare a thought for Rosaline Monrose, aged 74 who’s really shook up with the suspicious incident. She tells the papers “It’s frightening. My husband passed away last May and I live here on my own.”

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